One Affiliate, 54 Sales

One Affiliate, 54 Sales

How is it possible that one affiliate made 54 sales, with 37 of those sales happening in one day? Enjoy this interview with Ana Snow and learn how she’s been so successful as an allie & ila affiliate!


Allie: How did you first hear about allie & ila?

Ana: I first heard about allie & ila when they followed me. I clicked on their account and fell in love with their brand and business.

Allie: What made you want to become an affiliate?

Ana: After trying the lavender allie & ila leather balm, I was hooked. I have been in the horse industry for years and tried LOTS of different cleaners/conditioners, but this one was different. It was the only cleaner that didn’t stain my breeches, didn’t leave oily residue, was absorbed by the leather, and waterproofed it! I wanted to be apart of this one of a kind company and spread the word so more people had access to this awesome leather balm.

Allie: What was your strategy to promote and get sales?

Ana: I started off by spreading the word at horse shows, clinics, etc. I also spread the word about allie & ila at my barn, then moved onto Instagram and Facebook!

Allie: How many people did you reach out to and with what methods?

Ana: I just posted on Instagram and Facebook and put my affiliate link in my bio. 652 people viewed my link!

Allie: What was your sales pitch?

Ana: I wrote an honest review on allie & ila leather balm and posted a photo of me using it!

Allie: What advice would you give to an affiliate who is new or unsure of how to promote?

Ana: Give your honest opinion on the products, and spread your review to as many people as you can. Be unique, and speak from your heart!

Allie: Anything else you'd like to share?

Ana: I’m thrilled to be apart of allie & ila and I’m shocked and blessed to have gotten so many sales. I truly hope to see this company grow and thrive, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for allie & ila’s future.

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